Tips & Tricks for Telephonic Interview | Do’s and Don’ts

How to Crack Telephonic Interview ?

Tips & Tricks for Telephonic Interview: With the world of digitalization, the interviewers are more focused on telephonic interview as they regard it to be the pioneer of the interview process. Whether you are applying for an internship or a job oriented program, the first step of success is the interview (either face-to-face or telephonic). The first step for an excellent telephonic interview is the conversation with confidence. The conversation though is much beyond the knowledge skills.

What is Telephonic Interview and why this is so Important?

Conversation with the interviewer defines your attitude and nature. The type of interview can range from a minute to hours depending on the questions raised by the interviewer and also the answers given by the candidate. The topics which can be discussed about the career history, key skills, certifications, market strategy, knowledge of the industry, and the growth of the organization.

In fact we can say that the telephonic interview is the first round of elimination also. Earlier candidates used to face only 10 minutes interview process, but now the time and job scenario has changed a lot. Now the candidates have to prepare well and steer clear to crack any interview which can be either telephonic or face-to-face.

What is Secret Tips & Tricks of Telephonic Interview?

With many researches and past history of the candidates we came with some of the tips and tricks to crack a telephonic interview. Below are the mentioned secrets which must be followed by the candidate if you are facing the situation in the telephonic interview. So here we start.

1. How To Decide a Convenient Time for the Telephonic Interview?

It is mandatory to fix a time and a day for the interview which is convenient for both the parties. Next is the priority to find a quiet and calm room. Make sure you are not interrupted by the outside noise or the family members. Keep your cell phone charged as it might disturb you while you are in the interview and your connectivity signals too. If there is any connectivity issue, it is advisable to take an interview on landline.

2. What Atmosphere is Good for Telephonic Interview?

Create an atmosphere of interview before giving an interview. This could be done by dressing well and don’t lounge around with your “pyjamas” on because this will give you a homely surrounding and you will forget that you are in a crucial interview, which is going to change your life. It will sound unprofessional and indifferent. Keep in mind that your sound is the only sole judging tool to your interviewer. If you sound uninterested to the interviewer a little bit, then it is a sure shot disqualification and the opportunity will be lost. So dress well accordingly.

3. Why to have CV in your Hand During Telephonic Interview?

The telephonic interview is same to same as face-to-face interview, but the difference is the interviewer is not seeing you and your voice is the sole tool to success. So, without haste into the conversation start with your introduction with your resume in hand. CV in your hand goes you the exact point what to say. You have also rehearsed, we know, but the same time you feel nervous to the interviewer too. Therefore it is recommended to have a handy resume with you said by “Kevin Parker- Regional Head to Merchandize Bank”.

4. How to Maintain the Pitch & Tone of Voice in Telephonic Interview?

It is highly recommendable for the candidate to speak slowly and enunciating each word clearly. Mostly the interview of the overseas creates a problem of language pronunciation but not to worry because they also know the same. Keep your voice low and without mumble and smile while answering because it will relieve your stress and inject a sense of warmth to the interviewer.

5. Why to Keep your Documents Ready in Telephonic Interview?

This is the biggest advantage of a phonic interview that you can keep your documents in hand. Keeping the document in hand plays a vital role in clearing any phonic interview because you can take reference from the documents about the sites, date, team members, project worked on, completion date, problems faces, and lastly how problems were tackled. This will create a positive impact on the interviewer and he may assume that you are the right candidate for their company as you are having problem solving skills.

Some Basic Points to be Remembered:

A. Practice for common questions

Sometime any simple question slips out of your mind and this will impose a bad effect on you. So practice even the simple and basic questions. If you are answering any question with just “Yes” or “No”, then the interview will not take longer and the interviewer will be disinterested towards you and will show you the Red-Card of disqualification. So avoid it as longer as you can.

B. Talk about your skills

Do not make a story about the skills from your past experience. If you have done any certification course and job based on that course, you may mention that. You can also mention your achievements and other skills you have. If you do not have any skills then you can drag the interviewer towards your interest and your working knowledge.

C. Make your interviewer feel your presence

Since the interviewer is not seeing you on phonic interview but he will check your voice shiver and the level of hesitations you are facing. So be calm, smile, and have a glass of water with yourself, so that your voicewould not fumble. If you have a well structured LinkedIn profile, you can also suggest the interviewer to visit once and get further details.

D. Last salutation

Maintain your peace of mind by listening, pausing, and then replying to the interviewer. When you reached the last step of interview, you can put some questions to the interviewer like growth of the company, your role towards it, etc. Then never forget to show your gratitude to the interviewer. If you don’t get a chance to thank the interviewer for sparing time in interviewing you, you should personally mail him/her thanking for the precious time given to you.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Telephonic Interview:


  • Maintain peace and keep your resume handy.
  • Be honest towards your skills.
  • Keep documents ready for reference.
  • Keep your voice gentle with clear pronunciations.
  • Give your best.


  • Do not fool the interviewer as he is much smarter than you.
  • Do not falsify the information provided in the CV.
  • Don’t be in haste.
  • Do not mention much about the past failures.
  • Do not speak over the interviewer.

Now it is the time for the candidates to follow the article and maintain accordingly. Also do not forget to check our latest post on “How to crack a Skype Interview”? If you are facing a different issue, do write us below the comment box and we will give you a solution for that issue.

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