20 Tips for Interview – Tricks that helps you to crack your Job Interview

Best Job Interviews Tips & Tricks

Hey Folks!!! Welcome to our page. We are about to give you 20 Best Job Interview Tips & Tricks that helps you out to get a job. Firstly, you have to found your dream job. Secondly, you have applied for the job. Thirdly, they have called you back for an Interview. Fourth and the most important you have to shine at that interview meeting.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

The Interview Process is the final obstacle that stands in your way and you have to prove yourself. But the question is that “How to Prepare for a Job Interview with all your bases cover and walk out with a job offer letter in your hand?” Don’t worry! It’s not as hard to crack as it seems to hear from all round. We have prepared list of professional interview tips & tricks, do’s & don’ts that will amaze you by the time with the appointment close to you.

What will you get by reading this Job Preparation Article?

  • The most effective possible way to prepare for a job interview.
  • More than a dozen interview tips that will make you confident.
  • Important rules that must be followed before an interview.
  • Cracking a difficult job interview that gets you an offer letter.

Now, before moving forward we would like to ask you, “Do you have a Perfect Resume?” If Yes, then it is fine and if your answer is NO, then create a perfect and professional resume from Resume Maker at https://www.resumemaker.online/.

You have to follow these steps in creating a professional resume. The steps are here as follows:

  1. Go to the resume maker and pick up a professional template.
  2. Get some experts tips from the recruiters.
  3. Fill the credentials in the edit box and download your resume in a couple of minutes.

Make sure that your resume looks professional and does not extend beyond two pages. This is because, that resume gets a bad impact on the recruiters and they do not have much time to read the long paragraphs. Moreover, the recruiters are looking for a decent resume that attracts them in the first impression and at one go.

Now, let us go to our main theme of interview tips to nail an interview.

There are days and weeks taken for interview preparation, so you relax until then, right?

Absolutely wrong!

The time is now and the time is yours, make it now. You have to use your time efficiently and make up your mind that “I can do it and nobody else”. So for those enthusiastic candidates, we came with the 20 Best Job Interview Tips and Tricks to get a job offer.

Here are 20 tips and tricks to crack a job interview – Tips for Interview

1. Research the Company

Be a diligent worker and research about the company, their working culture, their products, and operations. Double-check that if the company is the perfect match for you.

Create researches on the Hiring manager which is the hardest part. This is because you just know who the interviewer is regardless of the questions which he is going to put on. However, if possible, try to look the managers of the respective companies online. You will have some great tailored comments which you can absorb and use in your interview.

Note: Employers except you to understand and increase their business rather than hiring a fan.

2. Get Prepared to Answer their Questions

Hey Chap!! This is an Interview and you are going to get questions. While it is not certain, how it is going to pay you, but there are some general questions asked in most of the interviews. Prepare those! We will talk about some questions later in this article.

3. Get some Unscheduled Date

If you can, try to have your interview in the middle of the week and before noon on a particular day. Since, Mondays are notoriously busy, while Fridays create a negative aspect of possible disinterest. So, aim for earlier interviews, either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

These days are considered to be the best days for interviews as everyone is fresh and the interviewer will be having less work load.

4. Create Google Alerts

Many professionals suggest you to set up your Google Alerts and monitor the keywords for the company(s) you are going to get interviewed. Hence, Google Alerts will provide you the email digest of the company you mention so that you will be aware of the process going on.

5. Check your Presence on Social Media Profiles

Your social media account is more available to the public and do not care for that. Ensure your interviewing authority don’t get a wrong picture by removing negative pictures and contents like political rants(nowadays very common), hangover complaints, sexually suggestive pictures, etc.

Here are other some examples which should be rather removed from the social media account. They are:

  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Nude Images
  • Your Signature Image
  • Your Drunk Images
  • Unflattering Blog Posts
  • Poor Writing Skills
  • Some of Propaganda
  • Fake News
  • Advertisement of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Oversharing

So, would you like to go on a first date without showering or some deodorant?

No, of course not, right?

Well! An Interview is like a first date for your better upcoming life. So, follow our interview tips on dressing code and style.

6. Use Proper Dress Code

For Men: Especially in most of the formal interviews, a solid suit color is recommended. However, if the company is not so strict on dressing style, you could have blazers with slacks for a semi-casual look. You can also have a Universal Clothing Style of white button-up shirt with suit-matching tie and black loafers.

For Women: Use solid color pant-suit with colored shoes and shirt or blouse whatever matches. Moreover, avoid wearing heels, too much make-up, perfume, and jewelry. However if your choice is to wear skirt, then pair them with light skin-tone hosiery. Keep your jewelry and cologne to minimum.

Professional attire gives a better impact on the interviewer and helps to make a great first impression.

7. Have a Confident Smile

A friendly and a confident smile is the most important tool to wear in an interview. While it would not let them to overlook at your clothing and they seem you to be the perfect addition in their team.

Be confident at every moment while interacting with the interviewer. A smile on your face and proper eye-contact would give you a better result.

8. Bring your self-made Notes and Copy of Resume

This is one of the interesting part of an interview as it is considered as an open-book test. Moreover your notes will help you to remember the answers and the questions to ask. But you will look yourself more confident and professional when you whip out your notebook before answering any tough questions.

You can also bring 3-5 copies of your resume. Meanwhile, they won’t need it but it is important to keep yourself on the safe side rather saying “sorry”.

9. Make your Phone Silent

This is one of the most unwelcome call if your phone bell rings and an unexpected call is received. While a ring on the desk phone of the interviewer allow you to take breath and recollect yourself, and don’t let it be yours.

However, don’t switch off your mobile phone while going to interview hall. May be there could be some urgent call, so you can call back after the interview gets over. Rather you can keep your phone in “silent mode”.

10. Bring Interview Survival Kits

As earlier said, bring a copy of your resume and notebook with you, but let’s move a bit further. Make sure to pack some items so that you reach the interview in an excellent form like a pair of pens, breathe mint, bandage strips, umbrella, paper towels, and a portable stain remover.
There are certain things which you cannot do it in advance and can be done only at its proper place. But, you have to take care of those things, so that nothing can be missed out.

11. Become a Backseat Driver

As you are on the hot seat, it doesn’t mean that you cannot guide the course of the interview. Moreover, you can steer the conversation from your end when you are confronted with the course of discussion.

For example:

Interviewer: Can you please tell me how your XYZ project turned out?
Candidates: Oh Crap!! That one didn’t end well. Now you are attempting to divert. You can start with saying “I recently completed a project ABC that was completely similar to XYZ and with the result I am proud of. May I tell you something about that project?

Now you know very well about your recent project that ended well and gave great result. So you are going to tell them about the recent one, instead

12. Avoid Trash Talk

The interviewer may ask you, “What was the worst part of your last job, you left? In this questions there are two questions hidden and your single reply will answer the another unasked question about your personality, loyalty, behavior, and more.

Never ever speak ill about your former employer or about the coworkers in a direct way. The interviewers may turn off if you take wrong path and it will be finished.

Wrong Statement: I worked with completely daft fellows.

Right Statement: I had some coworkers with whom I struggled a lot to give a productive co-existence.

13. Don’t let them to Drag you to the Past and Use Examples

If you are feeling that the interviewer is spending too much of the time digging the old position, you can explain them how it helped you to be here and how it would help you out in the future. Frame some sentence according to get over from that rid.

Use examples to describe your past experience with the former employees in short and drag them to the present scenario. Meanwhile you can elaborate their current requirement and helded expertly if you are given the role.

You can use this productive sentence which helped most of the candidates in their interview. The sentence is “Sir I know that you are looking for someone who can take your team to the next level. Therefore, during the time of my XYZ project, I performed a similar task, with excellent outcomes.”

14. Maintain your Body Language

During an interview, you are having conversation with your mouth, but the gestures, body language, and posture speak inaudible volumes. Work on your body posture with back straight and head held high. Avoid your nervousness by keeping you hands and legs stills without any life in them.

Try not to play with something in your hand and please don’t chew your lips. Since communication skills doesn’t mean only speaking with mouth but hands and expressions also play a very Important role (verbal & non-verbal signs).

15. What is/are your strength(s)?

It is the most common and important question which every interviewer asks one or the other way. Try to answer this question wisely. Here the interviewer is not seeking to know that how much you can bench, but to know your skills which you bring to the company’s table.

Focus on your achievements and skills and make sure that they are pretty much related to the company’s role. Ensure them that you are the perfect fit to the company accompanied by some great achievements like your Project or All India Rank, or participation in any tech-related program, etc.

16. What is your Weakness?

This question is also similar to the previous one but in a negative way. Here the interviewer is not looking for your dumb failures, but he is trying to seek information about the improvements made from your past failures and brushed yourself.

17. Why Should we hire You?

This is the Direct Bouncer which the interviewer put on the candidate. But not to worry a bit. We are having some of the best points to remember before answering this question. Here are the following points:

  • Summarize what you do.
  • Grab their attention by you communication skill.
  • Have curiosity in your sentence.
  • Get ready for more questions.
  • Identify their challenges.
  • Use problem-action-result formula.
  • Your technique of working.
  • Working skill and quick-learner.
  • Give grade to your work.
  • Lastly explain how you can be efficient and productive for the company.

18. Why did you left your Last Job?

This question appears like a quarter piece of cake, right? But there are certain obstacles and hindrance. If you did not face anything like that, stay calm and quite and if you have some troubles in the past company, don’t directly blame the company and the coworkers. Decently you can raise some issues which were not according to you in the past company.

If your answer is direct, then the interviewer asks whether the same situation will arise and you will give a second appearance (means leave the company).

19. Where you are going to see yourself in 5 Years?

Most people don’t have a clear idea and a defined plan as to where they’d like to be in 5 years. This question is raised from the interviewer to check your presence in the company for a long run and understand the vague idea.

The answer to this question will be “In 5 years certainly I will be at one of the top positions holding great responsibility to grow the company’s business.”

20. Use STAR technique to answer Behavioral Questions

This is the most important part of the behavioral interview question where a specific situation is created from your past work experience and you are asked to handle them.

But there is a smart way to answer these questions and it is not underhanded. This smart way of answering is called the STAR Technique and this will help you to frame your answer and deliver a response which impresses the interviewer.

STAR Technique stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Analyse each word deeply and this will take you to the other world.

Well, that’s all folks and I hope you have enjoyed while reading this article. Hence, as a result you can move to your work and absorb the points defined in the article. Moreover, keep the interview tips in your mind and take notes every point which is mentioned in this article.

If you have any queries, you can drop your question in the box below. Don’t forget to look our page on How to Prepare for a Skype Interview”. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates.

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