TCS Placement Papers 2020 – TCS MCQ Paper with Solution

TCS Placement Papers with Complete Solution for Recruitment 2020-2021

TCS Placement Papers with respective solutions are here given below. If the aspirants are looking for TCS Placement Papers and TCS MCQ Placement Papers 2020 & 2021, do not worry. We are here to help you with the sample papers and the solutions papers.

This TCS Model Paper is for the preparation of aptitude and strictly follows the TCS pattern of questions. The candidates are requested to solve the following questions in order to increase the chance of selection. Moreover, do not forget to see our post on How to Prepare for a Face to Face Interview”.

TCS Online Test Pattern 2020

TCS Online Examination consists of 6 sections with a total of 92 questions. Moreover the time allotted in the examination is of 180 minutes. The section was divided in Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Reasoning, Programming, Hands-on Coding 1, and Hands-on Coding 2.

TCS Online Exam Pattern 2020

SectionsNo. of Questions
Quantitative Aptitude26
Verbal Aptitude24
Coding Paper I1 Code
Coding Paper II1 Code

TCS Placement Papers and Sample Questions

  1. If the sequence of the alphabet is a,bb,ccc,dddd,eeeee,….., Then what will be the 120th letter of the series?

Answer: O

Solution: The letters in the series are in the form of Arithmetic Progression (AP).
So we have the formula, n(n+1)=120

So, n^2+n=240

By Factorization we get n=15

In the alphabet “O” comes on the 15th place, so the answer is O.

2. 1/7th part of the tank is filled with fuel. If the tank is poured with 22 liters of fuel, then the indicator of the tank rises to 1/5th. Calculate the total capacity of the tank?

Answer: 385 Liters

Solution: Let the capacity of the tank be ‘x’ liters.

Then a/q, x/5-x/7=22

2x/35=22; x= 385

Therefore, total capacity of the tank is 385 liters.

3. Find perfect squares in the series 2013, 2020, 2027, ……, 2300? (Hint 44^2=1936)

  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • None of these

Answer: Option c

Solution: the given series is in the form of Arithmetic Progression (AP) with common difference 7.

So, the common form of the series is 2013+7d

a/q to the hint:


So now we have to find the form of numbers in 2013+7d format and we have got 2209 can be written as 2013+7×28=2209. Therefore the answer is 1.

4. An examination was conducted and it was analyzed that 4 men were able to check the exam papers in 8 days working for 5 hours daily. Then calculate the number of hours taken by 2 men working 20 days checking double the number of examination papers?

Answer: 8 Hours

Solution: We have the formula of Time and Work i.e. M1xD1xT1/W1 = M2xD2xT2/W2

Here, M1= 4; D1= 8; T1= 5 & W1=1
          M2= 2; D2= 20 & W2= 2
Let T2= a
On putting the values, we get 4x8x5/1=2x20xa/2
Upon Solving we get a= 8
Therefore, total number of hours taken will be 8 hours.

5. Calculate the number of prime numbers that lie between 3 and 100 (excluding both the values) which satisfies the given condition

  • 4x-1
  • 5y-1

Answer: 2 Prime Numbers

Solution: The total number of prime numbers between 3 and 100 are 23 (excluding 3 & 100), which are odd.
Therefore for 5y-1 to get odd, 5y should be even and so y must be even.
Take y=2, we get 5y-1= 9
Now we look all the prime numbers ending with 9 i.e. 9, 19, 29, 29, 59, 79 & 89.
Only we see 9, 29, and 89 are satisfying both the conditions. But we cannot consider 9 as it will be violating the constraint of number which should be greater than 3. So, only 2 numbers are there i.e. 29 and 89.

6. A girl has to make pizza with 8 different toppings. What will be number of ways, she can make pizza with 2 different toppings?

Answer: 28

Solution: This question is of simple permutation and combination type.
To find the number of ways from 8 toppings with 2 different toppings, we can use the simple combination formula.

nCr = n!/(r!) (n-r)!
By putting the values we have, 8C2 = 8!/(2!) (8-2)! =8!/ (2!) (6!)= 28

7. Without repetition, 15 men can handshake with each other. Calculate the total number of handshakes.

Answer: 105 handshakes

Solution: There are two people in each handshake. Then we have the simple formula of combination nCr = n!/(r!) (n-r)!
15C2= 15!/(2)! (15-2)!= 15!/(2!) (13)!= 105 

8. Find the highest number which will divide 148, 246, and 623 leaving 4, 6, and 11 as remainder?

  1. 6
  2. 12
  3. 20
  4. 48

Answer: 12

Solution: When we subtract the remainders, we get,
148-4= 144
246-6= 240
623-11= 612
Now check the option as divisor, you will find the highest number which can divide all the numbers is 12.

9. In an Examination, 5 marks were deducted for each incorrect answer and 8 marks were awarded for the correct ones. There are 26 questions in total and if all the questions were answered, then how many answers were correct if the total score is zero?

  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 10
  4. 11

Answer: Option C

Solution: It is a simple Hit & Trial Method or you can solve taking x number of questions as incorrect and y number of questions to be correct.
Then by the equation, 5x+8y= 0 and x+y= 26.
Upon solving both the equations, we get x= 16; y=10

10. Oranges costs P rupees per kg for first 30 kgs and Q rupees for each additional kg. If 33 Kg costs Rs 1167 and for 36 kg costs Rs 1248, then calculate the cost of first 10 kgs of oranges.

Answer: 350 rupees

Solution: 30 kgs costs P rupees and additional kg costs Q rupees.
Then a/q, 30P+3Q= 1167
          and 30P+6Q= 1284
Upon solving both the equations, we have,
Q= 39 and P= 35
Then the cost of first 10 kgs of oranges= 35×10= 350 rupees.

  1. Statement below is about C programming language
  2. All elements in the union share memory location.
  3. Void pointer can hold address and can type cast to any type.
  4. Main () should always be the primary function used in C program.
  5. If not initialized, a static variable hold random junks.

11. Which of the above statements are correct?

Answer: a, b, & c are correct.

12. If an airplane starts from point P and travels 14 miles to North at S, then takes a right turn and travels 48 miles to R. Calculate the straight line distance between P to R?

Answer: 50 miles

Solution: 14 miles to north from P and then taking a right turn in the east direction. The plane travels 48 miles in the east direction to R. The straight-line distance can be measured by the “Pythagoras Theorem”.

H^2= P^2+B^2
upon solving the above equation, h= 50 miles.

TCS Placement Most Important Topic

If you score low in reasoning or aptitude, there are some chances of yours to get selected but if the programming language C is missed, then it is short-sure that you are out of the competition. Hence, the aspirants must have to focus on the programming language.

Kindly note to use #include <studio.h>, ‘getch’, ‘scanf’ in a better way to run the program. Please practice as much programming questions from the practice set books in order to crack the examination.

We have given all the details of TCS Placement Papers of 2020 and if you find any difficulty or have any queries, do write us at the comment below.

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