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So guys, here we start with Mr. Sonu Sharma.

Who is Sonu Sharma?

Mr. Sonu Sharma is a successful Entrepreneur and the founder of Dynamic India Group. He is an Author, Educator, Consultant, and a Business Tycoon. In this modern era, Mr. Sonu Sharma is the youngest Inspirational Speaker in India. With his hitted speeches, he inspires & encourages young generation to realize their true potential.

Mr. Sonu Sharma has taken his views and personal message to other side of the globe. With his 18 years of understanding and research in the Direct Sales has gave most of the Organizations a path of growth and success.

With this Dynamic Group, ten thousand people get benefited in 12 states of India. An approximate of 130 Million+ people have heard Sonu Sharma on You Tube across all over the world. In less than a 2 year time, 10 lacs+ people attended Live Seminars of Sonu Sharma from various regions.

Sonu Sharma is a sensation on Social Media, Facebook, & YouTube that crossed 300 Million+ all over the globe. In this recent time, Mr. Sonu Sharma is the Consultant for World’s Leading Corporates.

Sonu Sharma Biography, Age, Wife & Living Standard

Mr. Sharma was born in Faridabad, Haryana on November 11, 1981 and is living in Faridabad with his mother, father, wife, & two sweet daughters. Instead of being a Haryanvi, Sonu Sharma married to a Bhubhaneshwar girl Swati Sharma on April 30, 2006.

 Sonu Sharma Education

  • Schooling – Dayanand Public School, Faridabad
  • College/University – DAV College, Chandigarh
  • Educational Qualification – Graduate
  • Post Graduate – MBA from London School of Finance Management
  • Profession – Business Consultant, Blogger, Author, Motivational Speaker
  • Salary – 50-60 lacs per month
  • Net Worth – 150 Crores

Sonu Sharma Corporate Clients

Mr. Sharma is one of the biggest business person in MLM Marketing. MLM marking is a kind of chain system marketing systems comprises of certain rules and chain forming systems where people from different sectors join to startup their business.

His corporate clients include

Luminious, Bajaj, ICICI, BNI, TATA, Sobha Ltd, VEGA, LIEBHERR India, AGS Limited, Ethicare Pharma, Chiripal Group of Companies, Kalpataru Entertainment, Madhyam State Linkers, Arya Clubs & Resorts, Indian Seed Association, Feonna Herbals, Naswiz Retails, Krishi Rasayan Udhyog, career Zone, Naveen Electronics, and many more.

Sonu Sharma Eight Motivational Quotes

You cannot change your future, but you can change your fortune

– Sonu Sharma
“Aap apna bhavishya nahi badal sakte, aap sirf apni aadaten badlye aur yhi apka bhavishya banaygi”

One of the best quotes for me, as it personally helped me a lot in building up my future.

Many people kick us like a football, but they don’t know that they are sending us near our goals

– Sonu Sharma
“Kch log hame hmaare waqt pr hame laat maar dete jaise hum koi football hon, lekin wo ye nhi jaante k unka laat maarna hume hmaari manzil k kareeb la diya”

In our life, we have seen people who forget us in our bad times and kick us from their life as if we are football. But they certainly do not know they have put motivation in us by changing the way of thought and the success is near to us.

People will make you down, but you never give up

– Sonu Sharma
“kch log apko humesha neeche giraane ki koshish krenge, lekn aap date rhna, ade rhna apne goal apni success ko lekr.. unki saari baaton ko ignore kijye, dhyan mt dijye unki baaton pr….ap kr skte hain”

It is certain that some people in our life come and demoralize us for our good deeds. But you must not came into their words of demoralization. Instead you can ignore their words, and move forward towards your goal of success.

Those who don’t know their goals, they move in circles

– Sonu Sharma
“Agr aapne apna lakshya tay nahi kiya hai, to yakeen janiye aap sirf gol gol ghumte rhenge aur kuch bhi haasil nahi hoga”

People have different standard of living and choice to choose their goal. Those who don’t have any goal will definitely move in circles round & round.

Always Focus on the future, not to look backward

– Sonu Sharma
“Hmesha apne aage ki future success ki baat kijye, apne plans ki baat kijye,,,apne goals pr target rkhiye…bhale hi kitni failures aapne dekhin ho apne life me success paane ko lekr…lekn jab ek baar success achieve ho gyi, to peeche mud kr nahi dekhna aur khud ko aage bdhaate rhna”

There is a bunch of failures in achieving success but you never have to look backward to your failures and do hard work with dedication to prove yourself and achieve success.

Do not worry about anything, go ahead

– Sonu Sharma
“Agr aapme kisi bhi tarah ka bhay hai, darr hai…isko turant nikaal dijye apne dil se…abhi aur isi darr apko khaa jayga.. apko aage bdhne nahi dega..humesha risk lena seekhye…agr ap fail hue to ap seekhoge..agr apki success hui, to aap btaaoge”

If you have set your target and you are worried about something…noo ofcourse should not worry a little bit about your plan..go ahead and hit it irregardless of its failure. Because if you fail, you will learn and if you succeed, then you can preach. Learn to take risks in life as it will teach you with clarity.

Negativity is next to positivity

– Sonu Sharma
“agr aapke andar koi nakaratmak shaktiyan apko kisi kaam ko karne se rok rahi hai, to aap apne andar ki nakaratmak shaktiyon ka upyog kr use sakaratmak bnaiye aur apne lakhya tak phuchiye…alag alay tareeke aur raste nikaalye jiske apko apki success pane se koi rok nahi sakta”

If you are having negative thought, learn to utilize this in a positive manner. How?
try to make different paths to give your negative though a positive response..then your heart will say..YES I can do it.

Be Unstoppable, Be Innovative & Be the Example to Others

– Sonu Sharma
“Na ruko, na jhuko, na thako….hmesha apne andar positive energy bnaay rkho..agr apne koi target bnaya to hr us hadd ko paar kr do, jo apki success me rukawat ki deewar bane”

If you have targetted something to achieve, then hit every stones which gives a hope of success and drive the way out. Think positively and make alternative solution to your questions and become an example to the others.

Sonu Sharma Area of Expertise

Mr. Sharma is expertise in the following trade

  • Tax Mitigation
  • Financial Plans
  • Social Investing
  • Investment Management
  • Great Business Motivator

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