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This is a very generic topic, but most of the times the candidates fail to it and are unable to crack the Skype/Video Interview. So here we are going to share you the secret tips and tricks, which must be followed by the candidate to crack any video interview. The secret is shared with you after a long research with the past experience of the recruiters and the candidates.

Here we are also going to discuss the reason of failing in the interview and losing the opportunity of selection with some silly mistakes which you don’t recognize, but according to the recruiter it is non-negotiable. We will be also discussing the Do’s and Don’ts that must be taken care while preparing for a video interview.

Why Skype/Online Interview are so Important?

Since the world is moving towards digital modernization at breakneck speed and the employers are reaching out to candidates all across the globe digitally, so the candidates must be prepared for the video interview to get shortlisted in the initial interview process. This sounds very interesting and convenient for the candidates because they could sit anywhere of the world and take a video interview just by having an access to the internet.

First Step for an Skype/Online Interview

As the job scenario is not very good in the market. So the candidates must focus the first step i.e. How to make a Standard CV to stand out from the flock? This is a very intimate question in every student’s mind of preparing a CV. So here we will be giving you some of the highlights of a standard CV. You can follow the same if you have made a CV for yourself till now. However you can follow the below given standards to prepare your best CV.

Standard Content for your CV

  • Name and Contact information
  • Self- Statement by candidate
  • Professional field experience (if applicable)
  • Academic qualification (from last to first)
  • Key Skills and Software knowledge
  • Certificated of Honor
  • Conferences
  • Training Experience &
  • Declaration

The CV of a candidate speaks before the candidate speaks and it is the only language which the interviewer understands. After many researches from HR’s of the companies and the candidates who got selected, we have given you the highlights of the standard CV above. This procedure of making CV increase the chance of eye-catch to the recruiter and if all the necessary details are filled as mentioned then you have covered the first path of success.

Why Rejection is so High in Online/Skype Interview?

Like any other interview, the chance of rejection in a video interview is much higher. It is because, you think the interviewer is not seeing you or you are just virtually present face-to-face in front of the interviewer on Skype. But here you are wrong my dear because the interviewer is looking at each and every step of yours. So here we are giving you all the necessary tips to crack the interview. So just follow the steps and prepare accordingly.

Points that must be taken care before you start your Skype Interview

1. Video Interview Environment

Make sure that the room you choose is decent. At least the part which is visible in the video interview must be neat and clean. You can choose a white background and make sure that no outside noise is coming to the room. Moreover the room should have your privacy and uninterruptable. If possible, then maintain a lock.

2. Working of PC/Laptop and good Internet Access

Before starting the interview, make sure to check the systemworking, internetconnection, Skypeaccount, and the batterylevel of your system. Make sure that your system has a decent processing speed. More concentration should be given to test the internet connection because it great a bad impact on the interviewer of broken conversation.

3. Dress up and Body Language

Dress well as you are appearing in the interview and the interviewer also judges on the clothing style of the candidate. The interviewer is watching you every second movement of yours so your knowledge is not going to clear that part. The enthusiasm should be reflected from your voice and keep a positive mind-frame while speaking to the interviewer. It is highly advisable to be in formals, making eye contact with the interviewer and to speak in a coherent tone.

4. What to Prepare and How to Prepare

The candidates are highly advised to keep a copy of the resume at the side of the table or wherever you are giving your interview. This helps the candidate to recall faster the objective questions put up by the interviewer. Keep your identification proof also at the same time because mostly the interviewer asks for the identity card in order to check that they are interviewing the right candidate. The candidates must also prepare about the company too i.e. recent searches about the company, its stock, the board of directors, the member in the team, etc. In other words, you have to know the company first, if you are willing to get interviewed by its HR.

5. Maintain the Hype- “Think, Pause & Reply”

The candidates are advised to speak in a clear tone with mumble. Your voice should be clear so that the interviewer could listen you properly. Maintain your breathe i.e. keep breathing to remain relaxed. Don’t sound lifeless and bored and don’t elaborate a topic too much as this can bore the interviewer. Be honest with your answer as the interviewer is much smarter than you. Keep a glass of water with yourself to clear your throat and remove hesitation.
You can also put some questions at the end of the interviewlike “What is the company planning in the forth coming years, etc, etc”. This will give a sense of interest to the interviewer that the candidate is looking forward to work with the company.

Do’s and Don’ts in Skype Interview:


  • Research about the company and its functions.
  • Prepare the Introduction Part of you.
  • Keep belief in you.
  • Be Honest.
  • Well-Dressed.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Speak clearly without hesitation.
  • Maintain Body Language.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Ready for the new challenge.


  • Don’t mumble in conversation.
  • Don’t speak poorly about the former employees.
  • Don’t look here and there while speaking.
  • Don’t falsify your statement.
  • Don’t argue with the interviewer.
  • Don’t discuss much about the past rejections.
  • Avoid sharing more of our weakness.
  • Don’t discuss about the salary.

Now we have covered all the necessary details which are likely to persist in a video interview. So it will be the first chance in a life time given to a candidate who wills to be associated to a preferred brand. So candidates are herby advised to prepare your interview according to you and drag the interviewer to your points. This could be done with much of practice and rehearsals. Last word to be kept in mind is “Fortune favors the Brave”.

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