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Nowadays, the job-seekers are face challenging job market and getting Infront of an actual live interview with a company is often looked as Holy Grail for the job seekers and the second only of receiving and accepting the actual job offer. The companies nowadays, who are interested in a candidate, start their screening process with emails and telephonic conversations with the candidate. This is first step of the candidate towards success. Secondly, the candidate should be ready for a Face-to-Face Interview which is certainly to be taken by the members of Human Resource Department. The most important thing now comes is How to Prepare CV to stand out of the crowd? This is the main and important question which every candidate has in their minds. Therefore, to prepare a standard CV you can follow the steps of making a standard CV:

  • Contact Information.
  • Self-Statement.
  • Professional Experience (if applicable).
  • Academic History (from the latest).
  • Key Skills.
  • Qualifications.
  • Awards.
  • Professional Certificates.
  • Conferences (if attended).
  • Additional Training Experience.
  • Declaration.

The candidate’s CV and the way of conversation is the only language which the interviewer understands. A detailed analysis has been done from various candidates and the HR’s of the companies of their past experience regarding interview (either taken or given). Here we are going to share their past experience and it will definitely help you out to crack the interview.

What is Face-to-Face Interview?

Face-to-Face interview are generally abbreviated to F2F interview and it is the last and final round of any job recruitment process.
In a Face-to-Face interview, the interviewer opposite to your chair may be the Hiring Manager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managing Director or the person may be your Line Manager or may be the Floor Manager. Moreover, if you are facing an interview for a Graduate-Level Job then your interviewer may be the Team Leader or the Hiring Manager.

Sometimes in a Face-to-Face interview, there could be a presentation involved by the candidate discussing the skills and experience. Through this presentation, the interviewer finds out more about you interest in the role.
Now once you are selected for a F2F interview, here are some tips to crack the interview in one go without attempting for the second. Here we start.

Face-to-Face Interview Secrets Tips & Tricks

Recommended Tips for Interviews:

  • Research the Industry, the Functions of the Company, and its Major Roles: This will be the first step towards meeting your goal. Find out everything about the company like establishment, their products, the team leaders and their positions, their reputation in the market, competition, their financial stability and most importantly the Decision-Makers of the company. You can find all their in the Company’s Website, take the notes down, the questions related to their business in order to ask at the end of your interview.
  • Get Well Dressed and Be on Time- Not too Early, Never too Late: Once you have done the researches about the company, now it is the time to think over the dress of the interview. According to most of the candidates who have faces the interview say that every interview generally requires a suit for men with jacket and a tie & business suit for women (absolutely NO jewelry) and Of-course NO perfume or cologne. You just have to pay attention on grooming and personal hygiene i.e. nails, hairs, breathe etc.
    Make sure where you are going and verify the address and the exact location to meet your interviewer. You have use Google Maps or if you have GPS system in your car, then turn it ON to avoid getting lost or taking other ways. Never be late! And never be early before 10 minutes as it shows disrespectfulness to the interviewer. If you have reached early, make sure to revise your CV in the spare time and enter only when your appointment time is close. Always remember to “Silent” your phone before entering the interview room.
    Now you are infront of the interviewer. So we will carry on further to deal with the interviewer. Read the article to the end and you will find yourself suitable to give an interview.
  • Use Face to Face Communication Skills: The Face to Face interview is done to check the candidate if he is the right choice for the job and the right fit. It is also a chance for the candidate to grab the opportunity to work in the company. In a Face to Face interview, it is the perfect opportunity to show your communication skills to the employer. Employers in a Face to Face interview check the candidate’s confidence of answering the tricky questions and the response.
  •  Believe in the Hype- First Expression is the Last expression: The candidate in any interview process is decided in the first minute itself. Elaborately saying that the interviewer watch each and every step of yours from entering into the interview room to the leaving part of it. The decision is taken in the first 30 seconds only whether the candidate would survive in the interview or not. So working on the body-language is also necessary while preparing for an interview.
  • Listen to the Question: “Think, Pause, and then Reply”: This is one of the best way to answer any question. Here the interviewer is looking for structured thinker evidence. So the thing that comes first to your mind may not be the correct answer, so a “small pause” is necessary after listening to the whole question. Most questions go straight and there is no rapid fire round, so you can easily think and answer to the questions.
  • While answering- “Give Examples”: In a Competency-Based interviews (mostly of that kind) the interviewer are looking a good match for the company and the role which you will be assigned for in the company. The interviewers ask some tricky questions in order to check the candidates whether they could get out the problem in the mean time and expect some of the examples from your side. The questions which recently asked in an interview which we would like to share with you is “Can you give us an example to deal with a client which is perhaps not happy with the Database?” In order to answer these types of question we recommend you to use our STARS trick (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Simulate trick). If you are having any past experience, you can use that to answer the questions.
  • Ask Questions from the Panel: As discussed above, while you were preparing for the interview, you have made some questions in order to ask from the interviewer. So here is the last stage of interview when they will ask “if you have questions?” Make sure that you can have two questions which are interesting to answer for the interviewer. The question could be anything regarding the Role in the Company or the Team Structure/Size or the working Environment etc.

Do’s and Don’ts in Face-to-Face Interview:


  1. Analyze about the Company and its business.
  2. The Introduction: Usually asked “Tell me about yourself”.
  3. Built up your Confidence.
  4. Be Yourself.
  5. Get well-dressed.
  6. Think about the questions which you have prepared.
  7. Good Salutation and Handshake.
  8. Always ready to learn new challenge.
  9. Answer the questions gently and not in a haste.
  10. Thank you Mail and leave the room.


  1. Don’t speak poorly about the present or the formal employees.
  2. Don’t falsify the information provided in the CV.
  3. Don’t speak over the interviewer i.e. don’t argue with the interviewer.
  4. Don’t discuss much of your past rejections.
  5. Avoid sharing more personal information and weakness which you cannot come over it.

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