Accenture Placement Drive 2021 – Accenture Previous Papers and Interview

Hello Guys!! With great expectations from our visitors, we came up with the Accenture Placement Papers and Interview. Many of our users were asking the placement pattern of the Associate Software Engineer and Full Stack Engineer.

The recruitment of the Multi National Company started with a Pre Placement Conversation, where HR explained all the process of hiring. There were a total of 4 rounds of the selection procedure which includes the Communication Assessment Test, Cognitive and Technical Assessment Test (Online), Coding Test (applicable only if you choose Full Stack Engineer), and Group Interview.

Let us give you the details of the selection procedure of the Accenture Placement Interview.

Round 1 – Communication Assessment Test

Round 1 of the Interview Process was the communication assessment which focuses on the testing of the communication skills of the candidates.

After registering for the Accenture Placement Drive, the candidate will get a link to attend the communication assessment. This communication assessment will take place either from home or you will have to visit the venue.

The communication assessment at Accenture comprises of the basis conversation about yourself, family, status of belonging, etc. The hiring authority mainly checks the performance of the candidate in his/her communication skills.

Round 2 – Cognitive and Technical Assessment

The second round of the Accenture comprises of the technical assessment and an online test for the candidates was organized by CoCubes. The online test consists of 4 section for which 90 minutes were allotted to the candidates to solve the paper. The 4 sections were of the pattern:

  • Verbal: Synonyms, Antonyms, Paragraphs, Comprehension Reading, One Word substitution, Plural Nouns, and Odd One Out.
  • Logical Reasoning: Statements, Coding-Decoding, Cause & Effect, Venn Diagrams, Series, and Blood Relation.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Speed Distance & Time, Heights & Distances, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Trigonometry, Simple & Compound Interests, Percentages, and Problems on Ages.
  • Technical Questions: Basic MS-Office, Pseudo codes (mostly on recursion), and shortcut keys.

In the second round technical assessment, there was no sectional time but there was sectional cut off. Students mostly fail in the management of time and hastily try to solve all the questions. This haste of attempting the questions leads to the situation of failing.

While attempting the technical questions, candidates at first must attempt all the questions related to basic MS Office and the short cut keys because these questions are much easy based on the basic understanding. Then you can go for the pseudo codes if the time permits as they are much length.

Now, if you have attempted 50% of questions from all the 4 sections of the online examination, the chance of getting selection increases.

Round 3 – Coding Assessment (Only applicable if you opt for FSE role)

The third round of the selection procedure is only for the candidates who opt for Full Stack Engineer. Accenture’s third round comprises of the coding assessment where you will see 2 questions with 30 minutes time allocated. You can see 5 languages like C, C++, .Net, Python, Java.

You have to choose any one language in which you are confident is solving the problem. From our opinion, go with JAVA or Python. If you have in-depth knowledge in any of the above mentioned language, you can opt for it.

When you have cleared the third round, you will be given a lunch break for one hour and post luck you will be having group interview.

Round 4 – Group Interview

The fourth and the final round of interview and selection process is the Group Interview. There will be 5 candidates who will be called for GD and they could be from any educational branch (Mechanical, Civil, IT, E & Tc, etc). All 5 will be sitting infront of the two interviewers.

The questions will be put up to each candidate related to their branch. Some of the interview questions are:

Q. What is Github?

Q. What is a Gear?

Q. How can you define a shaft?

Q. What is axial thrust?

Q. Explain the working of Water Hammer?

Q. What is the difference between AND & NAND Gate, with examples?

Q. What are your favourite subjects?

Q. Define normalization of DBMS?

Q. Can you please tell me about your project during the Internship?

Q. Tell me about your latest project (if you made)?

Now Guys!! If you have given your best in the Technical & Cognitive Assessment of the Round 2 Assessment Online Test, there are highly chances of your selection.

The interviewers may be rude at you on your wrong answers and they may even scold you for your inadequate knowledge. But at last, result matters – You will be selected in either for the role of Associate Software Engineer or Full Stack Engineer.

Hope you guys have the full access to the interview and placement details at Accenture. For more Interview Tips and Placement Papers, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsaApp & Telegram.

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