5 Things That Can Turn Your FAILURE Life into SUCCESSFUL Life – Yes You Can WIN!

How to Achieve Success in Your Life?

There is no shortcut but if you work smartly, you can cut it short to achieve success in your life.

In this article I will discuss 5 Key Points that will turn your FAILURE Life into SUCCESSFUL Life in short time. Read this article till the end and decide yourself. I am dame sure that at the end of this article your answer will be “Yes I can WIN“.

I believe, we are here to do something big in our life and each of us has the potential to achieve anything we want. I personally count myself in those people who use to stay awake for hours in bed. Who sleep are away from him because there are many ideas to be analyzed and written down.

It is because I want to do big things, many things, and the things which excites me a lot. Most of you think that I am talking foolish stay up in bed for long hours and thinking about something. If you feel that I am foolish, I am. This is my way of working and curiosity towards my work.

Ready to Achieve Success? Hold on, Have a Look on These Question Once!

  • Want to achieve Big?
  • Are you sure, you don’t want to loose?
  • Do you have positive thoughts?
  • Have you set goals in your mind?
  • Are you imaginary?
  • Do you have regret in your life?

I am also a normal human being and is having a normal social life, with everyday problems and many other stuffs to do. We all are normal human and much more than that because we are full of extraordinary and remarkable thoughts. The thoughts, which we want to work on and execute it.

Achieve Anything and Everything in Life!

Besides being hardworker, I am also that kind of a person who has lack of confidence towards the goals and right vision. Later, I realized that most of the people around me – didn’t have a vision and there is darknessin their life.

They wanted the things to be in the same way as they are now and they never think of a change because a factor of fear prevails in their heart.

This fear will definitely end up having regrets for not doing the things which you wanted to accomplish and worst part is that it never made you the person which you were having the potential to be. Things will change once you allow your mind to create a big picture and the horizons will expand day by day.

We all are much aware of the BIG BANG THEORY where planets, starts, and galaxies came into existence. In the same way, to achieve big, there should be a bang in your heart and mind. It is not that tough to achieve big, but there should a right mindset, positive thought, and action on that thought in each day.

Here the five steps which most people chase if they want to achieve really something big in life. The steps are as follows:

How to Achieve Success? 5 Key Points That will Lead you to Success and turn your FAILURE LIFE into SUCCESSFUL Life

1. The Remarkable Idea

Every remarkable thought starts with a simple idea. The idea, which we have in tonnes everyday, but we don’t pay attention to them. You must heard the term “Million Dollar Idea”….Right? Where does it come from and who are the people behind it? The answer is, it came from the normal human being with his burning desire to achieve something.

Don’t Walk in a Herd of Sheep, Walk Like a Lion – calm and alone – “Bhed bakriyon ki tarah jhund me nahi, apne ideas k sath akele chalo”. The journey is long and you have to walk alone. But once you have started with the journey of idea, turn it into a meaningful one.

Stay calm and think about the easiest way to accomplish your thought. Give value to your ideas as they are source of success. Everyday, make a note to give marking your ideas and thoughts. Whenever something new pop up in your head, stop, think over it, and ask yourself – is there something bigger behind it?

There is a reason behind everything and your job is to think over it and make thing possible. Everyone is unique in their way of working and leaving the footprints behind.

2. Believe in Yourself- You are the Mentor

If you are not having this quality, then nothing will ever change. Belief is such a factor that motivates you and gives you energy to execute your work. You are the only person who can judge your potential, curiosity, ability, and then take positive actions.

With all the hindrances in your way, never give up – “kitna bhi kathin ho raasta, aage badho aur khud pr bharosa rakho”.

It is because most people these days have “lack of belief” and in this regard their confidence reach at extreme low. This low level of belief bound them to the things in the same manner as they are, without having any change in them.

3. Decision Making Capability

Here it comes the most important factor of success is the decision making factor, that plays a vital role in achieving something big. You have millions of ideas in a day, but you don’t know which idea to be carried on with. Here decision making formula works in which you have to sat down and think about the possibilities to accomplish that idea.

One of the very renowned blogger said “The Decision Should be Remarkable”. If you want to break the mould of average, then your decisions must be radically different. The remarkable people who have achieved success in their work were the action players. Make right decisions at the right time and the things will automatically change.

This world will harm you, roar at you, and show different faces everyday, but when one day you achieve your goal, then this only world will praise you“Ye duniya tumko sataygi, tumpar gurraaygi, hr roz apna nya chehra dikhaaygi, lekn jis din tum apni manzil paoge, tab yhi duniya tmhara naam japte japte tmhare pichhe aaygi”.

4. Be Visionary and Stop Looking for Mentor

Most of you are thinking that I am talking rubbish. Without having a mentor in life how can one achieve something? But dear, I am true upto certain extent because it is you who is having the burning desire inside to achieve something, not the mentor. But, there is nothing wrong in having mentorship as though it is great to build your career.

Most people certainly don’t want mentorship, they want someone to do their work in place of him/her. But remember, entrepreneurship is all about taking risk and ownership within yourself. The factor of taking the ownership in your hand gives the way to your work in the way you want it. But if you handed your authority of thought to the mentor, it seems like having a boss to oversee your work. From this point only, you will start loosing the freedom and confidence of doing work.

There are hindrances all around, you have to make it possible and give your full energy“Badi se badi rukawat ko samjhdaari se paar kro, apne andr ki kamzori pr, pure zor se waar kro”. Make way for every possibilities, train yourself in that manner.

If you want to gain something, you have to loose something. If you want to shine like a gold,then you will have to be forged“Kuch paana hai to kuch khona hoga, kabhi hasna hai to kabhi rona hoga, agr tumhen sone ki tarah chamakna hai, to tumhen aag me tapna hoga“.

5. Start Building and Stop Blocking Yourself

To be one shining in the crowd, you have to build yourself everyday. Each day  you must come up with new innovations and plans– execute them- fail! then try again and again – if pass, then move forward. If you consistently build yourself everyday, you will be amazed to see your growth in 6 months from now.

If you are running some kind of business firm, learn out some marketing hacks. If you are a writer, write everyday, something innovative, motivational and the one which you want to write on. Building yourself daily needs effort and once you get through it, you will be successful.

When you are travelling in the life of thought, the life of big dream, the life to be successful, there are various roadblocks, worst days, failures, and procrastination. When I consider myself, I have many roadblocks in my thought and when it comes, I get stuck and looking for different ways around. I search and continue my searches, unless and until I found one.

Last Words

If you want to change your life, change yourself first“Badalna chahte ho apni zindagi, sbse pahle khud ko badlna hoga”.

Forget yourself, forget everything, give priority to your work then everything – Bhool jao k tum kaun ho, sb kuch bhool jaao, sabse phle hai apna kam, ye yaad rakho”.

Don’t be a looser, be a milestone“Tumhare lakshya ek misaal kayam krna hai, apni puraani aadaton me gum mt ho jana”.

Never underestimate yourself, you are unique in yourself “Khud ko kisi se kam mt samjhna, tum me bhi kuch baat hai, tum kr guzroge, tum me bhi jazbaat hai”.

Strive, awake, stop not – till the goal is reached“Utho aage badho, na ruke, na jhuke, jb tak manzil na mile”.

There is no doubt: success is your destiny“Isme na ratti brabar bhi shaq hai, kamyabi tumhara haq hai”.

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