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Hello Guys! Welcome to our page. Here we are going to give the Important Historical Events that took place in the past. So here, we are going to give you the important events and the historical dates of 25th October.

Some events may rely on the important historical dates, some people with astonishing features, birth days or their death day. Moreover, events not only meant for the past but also for the coming things in near future on the same date.

The list of events with their short summaries is given below:

October 25- The Day of Events in the World History

October 25, 1415: English triumph at Agincourt

In 1415, on this day, the English Army led by Henry V scored a victory over the French at Agincourt after hundred years that paves the way for the English to conquest and success in coming future.

October 25, 1881: Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso birth

On this day, the Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso  in Malaga, Spain. He died on 8th April 1973 (aged 91) in Mougins, France.

October 25, 1913: Klaus Barbie (Nazi Leader) birth

Klaus Barbie or by name Butcher of Lyon, was born on October 25, 1913 in Germany and died in September 25, 1991 at Lyon, France. He personally tortured the prisoners of Gestapo personally- primarily the Jews and the members of French Resistance.

October 25, 1928: Astronomer and Scientist, Peter Naur birth

Peter Naur, Danish astronomer and computer scientist born on October 25, 1928 in Fredericksburg, Denmark. He was the winner of A.M. Turing Award 2005, the highest honour in the field of computer science.

October 25, 1936: German and Italy established Rome-Berlin Axis

Axis Powers, headed by the coalition of Germany, Italy, and Japan opposing the Allied Powers. The alliance originated with the agreements between Germany and Italy. In conclusion, this agreement followed the proclamation of “axis” binding Berlin and Rome (October 25, 1936) claiming to rotate the Rome-Berlin axis.

October 25, 1940: American Basketball Coach, Bob Knight was born

Bob Knight, American Collegiate basketball coach, whose 902 career victories are among the men’s basketball victory. Robert Montgomery or Bob Knight generally called as Bobby Knight, born on October 25, 1940 in US.

Knight spent 2 years as an assistant coach at United States Military Academy. In 1965, he was promoted to head coach of the Academy. In response to his coaching strategy, Knight became the youngest varsity coach in NCAA history.

October 25, 1964: The Rolling Stones made its first appearance

The Rolling Stones, a British Rock-band made its very first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. This British Rock group formed in the year 1962 and the members in the group were Mick Jagger, Dartford, Kent, Keith Richards, and others.

October 25, 1983: Invasion of Tiny Island

Under the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, the U.S. Military invaded the tiny island country of Grenada. This country Grenada or by name “Isle of Spice”, a country of West Indies. This country lies in the eastern side of Caribbean Sea about 60 kms north of the coast of Venezuela.

October 25, 2002: Death of Irish Actor Richard Harris

Richard Harris, an Irish Actor, notably known for his daunting and incomparable talent in portraying the volatile, rebellious, and intense hell-raising characters established his image. With respect to his characters in movie, he conducts his real life in the similar manner.

The most popular and loved Irish Actor died on October 25, 2002, leaving behind his memories to the audience.

So, we have given all the important events and the associated dates that took place in the past history. If you have any query, feel free to write us in the comment box below.

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24th October Important Events
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